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Ukrainian Association for Hydrogen Energy was created in 2009 by the hydrogen fuel advocates, people who want to change our world to the cleaner one. Our goal is to educate people about benefits of using hydrogen as a development vector for creating hydrogen based cars, buses, planes, electronics and for stationary applications. Our ambition is to bring together people who understand importance and great potential of hydrogen as a fuel of the future.

We plan to participate in legislative programs, to foster development of hydrogen-based technologies and their utilization in industrial, commercial, and consumer sectors thus promoting the role of hydrogen in energy field.

UAHE Statute (pdf, 150kB, Ukrainian)

The aim of the Association is to spread the role of hydrogen in energetic infrastructure of Ukraine. The association promotes application of environmentally friendly types of fuel which is beneficial for environment conservation. Activity of the Association in this direction is stimulation of the use of hydrogen fuel technology, mainly via providing corresponding information to people and collaborating with other associations and companies in the field.

Basic work directions of the Association “Hydrogen Energy”:

  • Providing information about benefits for economy and environmental protection of the country, resulting from the use of hydrogen-based fuel technology.
  • Gathering and spreading information regarding hydrogen fuel and other alternative energy sources.
  • Preparation of recommendations on optimization of the use of energy resources: ecology-related issues; quality standardization; rational usage of natural resources etc.
  • Providing members of the Association with relevant information, analytical and statistical data in the filed, normative and methodic recommendations etc.
  • Public and mass-media relations.
  • Establishment and development of business relations with governmental and public organizations; representatives of business and industrial sectors of Ukraine and other countries.
  • Assisting improvement of business qualification of members of the Association; participation of members of the Association in industrial expositions, seminars, symposiums and other activities aimed at the experience exchange.
  • Assistance in publication of methodological literature and other informational materials on the subject.
  • Collaboration with home and foreign organizations.
  • Providing support for attracting foreign investors to Ukrainian market.
  • Realization of representation of the Association in governmental and private organizations of national and international level.
  • Assistance in development and consolidation of international business connections; collaboration of the Association with international organizations on matters of economy, social issues and culture.
  • Organization of theoretical and practical symposiums, conferences, seminars, consulting meetings and other events (on national and international level) on subjects, defined by the Association

Translation provided by Andrii Buvailo


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