Call for papers

You are working on hydrogen in Ukraine? Let everybody know about your project! 

Send us an article describing your ongoing research, your past results or your plans for the future, and we will publish it on our website. It will give you better visibility, which may lead to new contacts, new collaborations and for more financial possibilities.
There are a lot of interesting research projects take place in Ukraine (see, for example, this list , in Ukrainian). One of main problems of Ukrainian science is a lack of communication: citizens and investors are ignorant about the progress in research and development programs. However, it is very important to communicate about your achievements and future plans. It may allow you to be found by investors, who are looking for your expertize and technology.


Let everybody know about your project! It will take only 30 minutes of your time to write a text, but it could bring you fame, new contacts and probably even investors.
Contact us here , we are waiting for your texts.



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