Hydrogen Gas analyzers

Laboratory "Development and making of sensors based on MIS-structures" from National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Russia, developed and producing now Hydrogen Gas analyzers. Such devices are probably the best from all available on the market now. They operate in large range of hydrogen concentrations (from 1 ppm to 1%) and they are selective only to Н2 (has no sensitivity to Н2S, NO2, alcohols, hydrocarbons, СО2 and СО), which is extremely important for the reliability of obtained results.


Picture of Hydrogen Gas analyzer.



They produce 3 modifications of VG-3 gas analyzer:

VG-3A (Concentration range 10-6 - 10-3 vol. %)

VG-3B (Concentration range 10-4 - 10-2 vol. %)

VG-3V (Concentration range 10-2 - 1 vol. %)

    VG-3A and VG-3B applications are the following: in geology (search for gases), in industry (detecting hydrogen dissolved in liquids and metals), to control construction's leakproofness (as detectors of leaks), in microelectronics (control of technological processes) and in medicine.


   VG-3V applications: in explosion safety systems (monitoring of hydrogen in the air mix), in the checkout of rocket engines, to control hydrogen fueled engines and systems based on fuel cells, in safety control of powerful accumulators, and as leak detectors for inspecting of large volumes (upto 10 m3) and complex constructions (like systems of tubes and pipelines).

The device is equipped with internal memory for continuous storing of measurements data and serial port RS-232 to access the saved data. Every measure consists of measure value, exact date and time of measurement.

You can get more information and contact developers on their site:



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