Exploring Hydrogen Degassing Structures

Hydrogen degassing structures were recently discovered and studied by Nikolay and Vladimir Larin. Cosmic photos show similar structures to be present on all continents. Structures being formed by hydrogen degassing on Russian territory were explored and studied. Abnormally high concentrations of hydrogen, up to 1.6%, have been detected in below-soil air in central parts of European Russia. Adequate empirical data to demonstrate that this phenomenon is widely spread over extensive areas of the Globe, especially in USA, was obtained.


A typical example of a hydrogen surface anomaly. Diameter 2.7 km. Red secant line corresponds to the subsoil hydrogen gas sampling graph above. Gaseous hydrogen concentration is maximal in the center of the structure: up to 0.14%, when at adjacent zones hydrogen is not detectable. Using modern microseismic sounding (MS) instrumentation, the existence of deeper “supply channels” for those hydrogen surface anomalies has been discovered. The right image corresponds with the deep (up to 20 km) cross-section of MS study, showing relative speeds of seismic waves. Warmer colors signify lower speed of the waves, indicating higher porosity, filled by liquid or gas.




All of the above allows us to detect structures, promising for long-term hydrogen production. We suppose that usage of the existing technologies of hydrocarbon gases extraction will be enough to start a pilot plant for hydrogen production. Concerning the estimated well yield, our estimations are as follows:
1) If the hydrogen rate at a depth of 1.2 meters sometimes exceeds 1.5 vol. % and it is known that the rate increases with depth, it might be reasonable to produce hydrogen at depths exceeding 1 km.
2) Hydrocarbon deposits are situated on powerful hydrogen degassing channels (former or present) from the depths. The problem of the origin of fossil hydrocarbons is the problem of the source of hydrogen. If there is hydrogen, there will be hydrogenation, there will be oil and gas. And since there is enough oil and gas (despite all the forecasts and estimates they don’t run low), there will be more hydrogen than hydrocarbons, as it replenishes the deposits owing to the modern hydrogenation.
3) We estimate that the cost of hydrogen, produced by drilling, will not exceed the cost of methane. For example, there is 12% of hydrogen in AGCF. It is produced together with methane, separated and burned.
4) We suppose that hydrogen will be cheaper than methane due to the fact that it is omnipresent, in contrast with natural gas, which requires special conditions for its formation and a collector where this gas can be accumulated.

We are prepared to work together with all interested parties to develop technology for amending the modern drilling and completions technologies that shall be utilized to produce hydrogen gas from the abovementioned seepages. It is quite clear that the existing gas field development methods are suitable for this purpose. They need to be adopted for shallow vertical open hole completions and production. Our team is a patent holder for the principle of hydrogen extraction from the Earth internals. Our team members who have broad experience in drilling and completions industry, can make substantial input into these issues. Our advantage is understanding this phenomenon, and knowledge ability about  another potential commercial use of this natural  resource.

We know where these “supply channels” are and how to determine them from the surface. We are prepared to introduce interested parties to our technology, data acquisition methods and research results. We can also demonstrate hydrogen seepages in the field, as well as its negative environmental impacts, such as explosion funnels and wide-spread suffosion areas, soil degradation due to humus destruction, elimination of forests at locations of hydrogen seepages etc.

If you are interested to participate in this project like investor or like our team member, or you have good ideas you want to share, don't hesitate to contact us here, using this site contact form.

Site "Hydrogen Future" about hydrogen degassing and Hydridic Earth theory.



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