Hydrogen is good not only for energy production, but can satisfy drinking water needs in a household

Fuel cells are devices capable of producing both energy and clean water. The results of recent research show that water produced by the PEMFC meets nearly all US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and World Health Organization (WHO) drinking water requirements.
Totally unserved by water
 Water supply, distribution of unserved populations. Totally unserved by water stay 1.1 billion people.

Source: WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme, (2002), extracted from WWDR1, 'Water for People, Water for Life' (UNESCO-WWAP, 2003)




Nickel and aluminum concentrations present in the MCFC water as well as pipe material corrosion products (nickel, aluminum and manganese) found in water from both systems are easily controlled. Without using any additional condensing system, it is possible to recover approximately 8% of the theoretical amount of water generated by the fuel cell. The amount of water produced by the PEMFC is sufficient to satisfy drinking water needs in a typical American household if a recovery efficiency of 40% is reached.



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