Interview of The “Green Wave” interviews the director of UAHE

The “Green Wave” interviewed the director of “Hydrogen Energy” public organization. To read the interview follow the link: “Viacheslav Zgonnik: Ukraine has a great potential for the implementation of hydrogen technologies” (Ukainian).

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About the “Green Wave” project: the “Green Wave” is a site dedicated to the environmental news and a community of people who seek to spread the principles of sustainable development in all spheres of public life, thus supporting the development of competitive and efficient Ukraine.




The “Green Wave” in economics and business is the environmental responsibility of business, consideration of environmental criteria while developing the economic policy, the development of a market of environmentally friendly goods and services.
The “Green Wave” in politics is attaching importance to environmental factors in the development of strategic programs and standard acts, monitoring of environmental legislation implementation, active participation in the international movement of environmental protection.
The “Green Wave” in education and science is the development and implementation of environmental education, promotion of scientific research in the field of environmental protection, creation of conditions for quality education and professional growth of young people who are aware of environmental problems.
The “Green Wave” in everyday life is the contribution of each of us into the environmental protection, small efforts and a slight change of behavior, which may give significant results.
The “Green Wave” in culture and religion is the development of environmental art in all possible ways; the usage of religion’s potential for the promotion of environmental ideas, the spreading of environmental ethics.
Implementation of all these ideas will ensure our right and the right of future generations for a clean and safe environment; provide their needs; spread new methods of production, new consumption habits and form a consciousness of a Human. The implementation of all these ideas requires a strong informational support, creation of a rich and productive information environment, and the Internet project "Green Wave" will become its part.


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