Sustainable Human Future, Hydrogen Civilization. Review by Victor Goltsov

Hydrogen Civilization (HyCi) doctrine (study, concept, conception) is a novel world outlook, all-embracing vision of the sustainability of the human future: humanity can preclude world climate and ecological catastrophe and conserve the biosphere’s ability to maintain the life of humanity by the only way, just by the sustainable movement along the vector “Hydrogen Energy → Hydrogen Economy → Hydrogen Civilization”. HyCi doctrine is overcoming boundaries between different sciences, between peoples and nations. Hydrogen civilization is a public ideal (‘superattractor’) putting in the forefront Shakespeare’s Hamlet question on a global scale: “To be or not to be the humankind: that is the question”.


Hydrogen refueling starion

Hydrogen fuel station of Total company. The begining of Hydrogen Civilization.




The review is intended for experts of different disciplines (natural sciences, social sciences, economical sciences, philosophy, humanities), of different spheres of intellectual human activities (environmental, cultural, political, technical) for the members of the world hydrogen movement working for our sustainable future. It will be highly useful for students, post-graduates and young scientists who are interested in history and development of hydrogen energy (hydrogen economy), who is deep in thought of sustainable human future.

 The review was written by Victor Goltsov. You can obtain your pdf version of review "Sustainable Human Future, Hydrogen Civilization" for free, asking Mr. Goltsov directly by this emial. Full version consist of 51 pages and was published in 2010. Abstract is available to download by this link (pdf, 60kB).


Victor Goltsov biography

Professor Victor A. Goltsov
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Professor V.A. Goltsov, Chairman of Physics Department and Scientific Head of “State hydrogen Laboratory of interaction of hydrogen with metals and hydrogen technologies” of the Donetsk National Technical University (Donetsk, Ukraine), a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE), a member of the Honorary Editorial Board of the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (IJHE, Miami, USA), Editorial and Scientific Committee of International Journal of Nuclear Hydrogen Production and Application (IJNHPA),  Academician of Engineering Academy of the USSR (now International Engineering Academy, Moscow, Russia), Academician of Engineering Academy of Ukraine (Kharkov, Ukraine), Academician of International Informatization Academy – Associated Member of the United Nations (Moscow, Russia). Professor Victor A. Goltsov
 Over a period of some decades Professor V.A. Goltsov has been working out physics of interaction of hydrogen with metals and fundamentals of hydrogen energy.
 Scientific advances of Professor Goltsov and his scientific school embrace over a wide range of hydrogen energy problems and perspectives.
● A variety of scientometric and analytical studies was carried out and a novel concept of a future humankind transition to the era of hydrogen civilization was elaborated. The concept was adopted by IAHE Board of Directors (Montreal, Canada, 2002). An IAHE concept (doctrine) of humankind movement along the ecological clean vector “Hydrogen energy → Hydrogen economy → Hydrogen civilization” is generalized in review: Goltsov V.A. Sustainable Human Future, Hydrogen Civilization / V.A. Goltsov. – Donetsk: “Knowledge”, 2010.–51 pp. ISBN 978-966-1571-5.
● There were discovered and investigated new fundamental phenomena in metal–hydrogen alloys: diffusive-cooperative (hydride) transformations and hydrogen phase naklep (cold work), which induce strengthening, plastification and recrystallization of metals; hydrogen induced diffusive phase transformations in alloys of Nd2Fe14B type improving their magnetic properties; hydrogen elasticity phenomenon generated form changing of metals and determined their reliability in hydrogen medium.
● A new field of materials science “Hydrogen treatment of materials” (HTM) is being elaborated. Its aim is to improve structure and properties of materials for hydrogen energy and modern engineering. The fundamentals of HTM are generalized in the book “Progress in Hydrogen Treatment of Materials”, Ed. V.A. Goltsov, Donetsk-Coral Gables: Kassiopeya Ltd., 2001.–543 pp. (in English, authors from 10 countries). It is the first book in this new field of science and technology. Nowadays it is used by scientists of 33 countries.
Scientific achievements of Professor V.A. Goltsov have gained world-wide recognition. Universities and companies of many countries invited and invite him to deliver lectures and/or invited presentations (Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Poland, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom).
Professor V.A, Goltsov is awarded with special IAHE Rudolf Erren award (Beijin, China, 2000) for “Outstanding Contributions to Hydrogen Energy, in General, and to Hydrogen Treatment of Materials, in Particular”. He is awarded with Honorary Diploma “Outstanding Engineer of XX century” (Moscow, Russia, 2000), Silver Medal named after A.N. Podgorny of Engineering Academy of Ukraine (Kharkov, 2001), Silver Medal named after B.I. Schelitsch of international journal “Alternative Energy and Ecology” (Sarov, Russia, 2003), Honorary Diplomas of UNIDO-ICHET (Istanbul, Turkey, 2005 and 2007) and Silver Medal named after E.I. Rytvin of International Informatization Academy (Xi’an, China, 2008).


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