Results from the session on hydrogen energy, held on the conference in chemistry Kyiv-Toulouse 2017

Recently in Kyiv there was a meeting on hydrogen energy. It took place June 6th in National University of Kyiv in the frame of the International conference in chemistry Kyiv-Toulouse 2017. The conference was created in 2001 and now it became an important event, uniting hundreds of participants from tens of countries.
This year for the first time a specific session was organized, which is dedicated to hydrogen energy. This field of clean energy technologies is developing very rapidly and requires constant attention from chemists to improve existing materials and processes and create new ones. That is why the chemical conference was the best place to meet researchers, especially because today Ukrainian hydrogen technology specialists do not have their own specialized conference.

Ukrainian scientists presented their results in the format of seven oral and ten poster presentations in English, which were listened to and watched by dozens of visitors. The list of all presentations is published on the conference website.
Taking into account large number of interested researchers, it was decided to make a special issue of the French-Ukrainian Journal of Chemistry dedicated to hydrogen energy.
At the end of the presentations, all the attendees joined a round table discussion on the perspectives for the development of hydrogen technologies in Ukraine. The main obstacles to progress in this direction were named the lack of funding, recent reduction of state-targeted science programs and the insufficient level of self-organization and communication between players of the hydrogen sphere. It was proposed to join efforts to coordinate actions to renew targeted programs, as well as to distribute information on the usefulness of hydrogen technologies and the contribution of Ukrainian researchers to progress in this field.

Viacheslav Zgonnik


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