Energy forum: Wind and Hydrogen. First time in Ukraine!

First large-scale hydrogen event in Ukraine! It will be held on May 17-18, 2018 in Kyiv.

2018 wind and hydrogen ukraine

The event is organized by the specialized energy association Ukrainian Hydrogen Council.


Introduction of namely the HYDROGEN energy component to energy complex of Ukraine will be effective to balance energy needs and probably will ensure a steady transition to completely carbon-free energy generations. It also meets international practices and the global energy strategy.
The forum is supported by the leading world and Ukrainian information resources, the state energy complex and international investment companies.
The purpose of the forum is a new dialogue of public and the state on the introduction of the modern energy culture of society and implementation of a more ecological energy strategy of Ukraine. Forum organizers believe that innovative energy technologies must be available to consumers and communities, which will intensify energy decentralization and independence of the Ukrainian energy model. And also application of the newest energy technologies in Ukraine, and the constant modernization of existing ones, with engagement of small and middle class businesses, will have positive effect on the formation of really democratic and responsible society.


The main thematic panels of the forum:
1. Renewable (wind, solar and hydrogen) component in the state energy model of Ukraine. Integration and modernization. 
2. Modern hydrogen energy is the alternative to traditional energy sources. 
3. Easiness and availability of wind and hydrogen power for the end user. Private power models. 
4. Infrastructure of cities of the future with wind and hydrogen energy solutions. Regional and decentralized networks. 
5. Wind and hydrogen as the main balancing power element for industrial needs. 
6. Investment projects


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