National Ukrainian Program for Hydrogen Energy

Ukraine now has its own national targeted program Fundamental problems of hydrogen energy for comprehensive research in the field of hydrogen production, storage and transportation. The goal of the program was to address the key technological and R&D aspects of the hydrogen fuel technologies and related activities and unite scientists from Ukrainian top research institutions and enterprises. 





The program website provides structured information on all Ukrainian research teams engaged into hydrogen-related activities as well as contact information of key scientists and project leaders involved. 

 According to the representative of Ukrainian technology analytics and consulting agency SciMax – Dr Andrii Buvailo: “While there is a substantial lack of funding from internal government sources for supporting Hydrogen programs in the country, there are intriguing opportunities in terms of attracting EU and US grants and participating in international funded consortia together with foreign teams. And the very existence of such national program as “Fundamental problems of hydrogen energy” can substantially facilitate Ukrainian hydrogen advocates and researchers to get funding from abroad”.


For example, HORIZON 2020 program offers a number of forthcoming topics for funding including energy and energy infrastructure, smart grids and green vehicles. 


In a light of Ukrainian vector of development towards European Union and recent start of association process, it is the right timing for international collaboration and entering European market with Ukrainian energy generation and storage technologies.


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