Ukrainian research: solid materials for hydrogen storage

Young engineer from the G. V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics (IMP) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ph.D. Vladimir Dehtyarenko is working on development of new materials for hydrogen storage. His invention was awarded with the first prize at the competition of scientific and technical developments of young scientists within the international event "Science - Society - Personality".

Institute of Metal Physics

Building of the Institute for Metal Physics

Scientist is working on research of intermetallic compounds (chemical compounds between metals) in order to find a material capable of easily absorb a large amount of hydrogen gas, store it for some time and to release it easily when needed. Invention of such material will improve the ratio of the weight of hydrogen stored to the total weight of the system (ie, make these systems lighter) and increase the safety of hydrogen tanks. Vladimir Dehtyarenko and his team found that one compound based on titanium, manganese, zirconium and vanadium has great potential for use in the hydrogen industry as solid material for hydrogen storage.

Source: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (in Ukrainian)


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