Hydrogen Car Fire Surprise

Hydrogen (left) and gasoline (right) car explosion 

Which car would you rather be in? This gasoline fire, which had been burning for over two minutes, contrasts sharply with a hydrogen fuel fire in a similar vehicle.


Video documents results of hydrogen and gasoline car fires.


On a dark Florida night in 2001 an unusual and revealing experiment took place. Dr. Michael Swain with the University of Miami at Coral Gables  attempted to simulate two car fires, one created by a 1/16th inch puncture in a gasoline fuel line, the other by a leaking hydrogen connector. He video taped the experiment to document what would happen if the leaks ignited. As the photos below clearly demonstrate, consumer fears about hydrogen as a transportation fuel would seem to be pretty much unfounded. 


Zero Regio – A European Demonstration Project on Hydrogen-Based Mobility


In September 2009 I had pleasure to visit Hydrogen Fuel station in Frankfurt, Germany. This station situated in the Industrial Park Höchst, Frankfurt in Rhein-Main region. Dr. Ashok Kumar Rastogi, Project manager of Business Unit Energies & Utilities, has made an excursion for me to show and explain all units of hydrogen production chain – from the plant to direct customers.

Frankfurt Agip station

 Agip  service station, where both hydrogen gas and liquid can be refuelled. 


Some facts about hydrogen


Key Hydrogen Messages: Quick-Reference

Increased use of hydrogen as a fuel can provide benefits to energy security, the environment and economic growth.
a. Hydrogen can benefit energy security through energy diversification as it can be produced from a variety of primary energy sources, including renewables. For this reason, hydrogen can be an alternative to oil.
b. Hydrogen can benefit the environment because it can be produced and used in ways that improve health-related air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
c. Hydrogen can contribute to economic growth through job development, investment opportunities, and the creation of a sustainable, secure energy supply.

Hydrogen fuel cell car in London

Zero-tailpipe-emission Mercedes Fuel cell car in London. Image from speedace.info