Hydrogen Production From Black Sea's Hydrogen Sulfide

The daily production of H2S gas by sulfur reducing bacteria in the Black Sea is about 10,000 tons and the reservoir of dissolved H2S is estimated to be 4.587 billion tons. Hydrogen gas can be obtained by simple decomposition of H2S. The Black Sea is an elliptical basin occupying area of 423 000 km2. The average depth is 1263 m suggesting a total volume of 534 000 km3. The Black Sea is unique because 90% of sea water is anaerobic. This anaerobic sea water contains hydrogen sulfide, produced by sulphur reducing bacteria. The interface between anaerobic and aerobic water layers is situated at a depth of about 200 m. Below 150–200m H2S concentration increases gradually until 1 km, and finally reaches nearly constant value of 9.5 mg/l at a depth around 1.5 km.

Reservoir of dissolved H2S in the Black Sea
Estimated quantity of H2S, dissolved in the Black Sea water.

Hydrogen sulphide has potential economic value for it can be converted into sulphur and hydrogen, which are widely demanded in industry. There are several methods for H2S decomposition, including thermal, thermochemical, electrochemical, photochemical and plasmochemical techniques, which are at different stages of development. These processes can be adjusted for large-scale production.

The above mentioned methods of H2S decomposition require electric energy. However, the amount of energy needed is less than that, which can be obtained using hydrogen in fuel cell systems. It means that some small fraction of the overall hydrogen produced can be utilized as a source of electrical energy to power up the hydrogen plant.
Model plants utilizing some of the existing technologies were examined and showed good yields proving feasibility of their use for launching large-scale plant pilot projects.

We are ready to work together with all interested parties for ameliorating technology of hydrogen sulphide extraction and elaborating processes that will be utilized to produce hydrogen from Black Sea water. Our team members have broad expertise in rising projects in Ukrainian economical conditions. They can get this project up and running in a reasonable amount of time.

If you are interested to participate in this project like investor or like our team member, or you have good ideas you want to share, don't hesitate to contact us here, using this site contact form.

Download booklet "The Black Sea Potential for Hydrogen Production" (Pdf, 8 Mb)


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